Admission Procedure

1. Students have to fill in the registration form available at the admission office.

2. A written assessment and personal interview will be conducted.

3. Once the written assessment and interview process is complete, copies of the documents mentioned below must be submitted to our admission office.

  • A copy of the child’s Birth Certificate
  • Transfer certificate/Leaving certificate(original)
  • Address proof (Aadhaar Card/Passport)
  • Vaccination Card
  • 4 Passport size Photographs (each of student and Parents).
  • ID Proof (ID card/ Voter ID card) of parents

1. Conduct and Decorum - 

Our School believe in instilling discipline for a very young age, the students need to maintain a proper and ethical code of conduct on the campus. Using of any foul language, engaging in bullying or ill-mannered behavior will not be endured by the school. If the school authorities come across such students with repeated complaints will be immediately liable for suspension or even rusticated in the top schools in Varanasi.

2. Attendance and Punctuality -

Our School expect the students to be punctual to school every day and adhere to the timings to maintain punctuality regularly.

3. Payment of Fees-

The Parents/Legal Guardian will be required to Deposit the fee at the time admission acceptance and need to follow the time guidelines for the payment provided in the fee structure.

4. School Property -

The students are required to take equal responsibility to maintain the property of the school and utilize it diligently for their own benefits. Destruction or Damaging the school property is prohibited, the students indulging in such activities, strict action will be taken against them. If any damage found in the Lab equipment’s or loss of library books and materials needs to be compensated or replaced by the student responsible for the same. Our school is not responsible for any loss of valuables brought by the students.

5. Uniform, Books and Home Work Diary-

The students are needed to be dressed in a clean and neat set of uniform prescribed by the school with well-groomed hair and nails. They will need to follow the given class time-table every day and bring the books accordingly. Parents are required to ensure that your ward completes his/her homework and keep a check of the dairy and sign it daily.

6. Withdrawal-

Parents opting for withdrawing their child from the school at the end of the academic session will be required to apply for the Transfer Certificate before April 30th. If the parents apply after the time deadline (April 30th) will have to pay full fees for the April month.

If in case parents applying for Transfer Certificate in between the ongoing academic session will still need to pay the full fees of that year.

7.Personal Appearance - 

    Girls -
  • They should be neatly dressed
  • Hair should be tied up and well-groomed
  • No nail polish or other make up
  • No coloring of hair and body tattoo
  • No fancy clips or accessories
  • No fancy hairstyles.
    Boys –
  • Well-groomed hair – need to have a hair cut on regular intervals not allowed to have hair below the shirt collar
  • Maintenance of Nail Hygiene
  • No fancy hair cut and hair styling
  • No hair color and body tattoo
  • No low waist pants and oversized clothes

8. Parents Interference-

Parents are not allowed to enter the classroom. In case of emergency, only parents can meet the Principal /Head Mistress/Academic Co-ordinator. Parents can meet the Class teacher on every Saturday after prior permission and appointment. However, our School will conduct Parents teacher meetings on regular intervals, which needs to attended by the parents regularly without fail to the track progress of the child and collect report records.

9. Tests and Examinations -

Attendance in exams and tests is compulsory, failing to attend the same in any condition will not give any re-examination. Students with 75% attendance only will be allowed to write the exams. If the students are found indulging in any malpractices during the exam are given zero marks and will be immediately suspended or expelled.
They need to pass in all the subjects to be promoted for the next class. Our School follows the Cumulative Progress System of 10% of each Unit Test, 20% of I Term Examination and 60% of Final Term Examination for promotion to the next class.

10. Project Work-

According to the curriculum all the students from standard, I to XII will have project works in every subject. Parents should ensure that their child completes the project work and submit it within the time deadline mentioned for evaluation.

11. Co-operation from Parents -

Parents are required to motivate their ward to actively participate in all the cultural and co-curricular activities conducted by the school for the benefit of the students. Parents to need to co-operate during these activities.

12. Use of Electronic Gadgets/Mobile Phones -

Our School strictly prohibit the use of mobile phones, ipads or any electronic gadgets on the school campus.
The school has reserved the right to keep the gadget under their custody till the end of academic year and returned after that.

13. Use of Vehicles

Students are not allowed to bring bikes, cars or scooters without a valid driving license; strict action will be taken by the school if students are found guilty for the same.

14. Valuables

Our school is not responsible for a loss of any valuable items brought the child. Students are not allowed to carry expensive items and large some money or debit/credit cards to the school campus. The school shall not take any responsibility for the same. Students only will be solely responsible for the safe custody of their belongings.