Hostel Rules and Regulations

Room Allotment

  • Allotment of hostel seats will be for the full academic year. In case the resident wants to leave the hostel in the middle of the academic year, he/ she shall pay the hostel charges for the full academic year.

  • Institute reserves the right to move any hostel resident from one room to another if the need arises.

Modern Girls Hostel

Modern Boys Hostel


The Following free of Cost items/ services will be provided by the hostel

  • Quilt / blanket, woolen bed sheet (in winter season)
  • Washing of School dress.
  • Hair cutting as per army rule.
  • Bed (made of Iron) with wooden ply.
  • Dunlop Bed and Pillow
  • Bed sheet with Pillow cover
  • Mosquito Net.
  • Mosquito Rod (auxiliary to net)
  • Almirah
  • Writing table with chair
  • CFL bulb
  • Fan with Regulator

The following items will be purchased by the parents at the time of hostel admission :-

1 School Uniform 2 Sets
2 Black Shoes , White Shoes and Sports Shoes with white Socks 1 pairs
3 Track Suit for P.T and game 2 Sets
4 Private Clothes 2 Sets
5 Cotton Bed Sheet in Yellow Colour 1 piece
6 Winter Dress (as per Season)
7 Tooth Paste 1 piece
8 Tooth Brush 1 piece
9 Tongue Cleaner 1 piece
10 Text Books and Note Books 1 piece
Note: Mobile is totally prohibited in the hostel.

Behaviour and Discipline

  • The management will view any activity of the inmates observed to be seriously prejudicial and detrimental to the smooth and peaceful functioning of the Institute’s hostel, disciplinary action will be taken against those found guilty.

  • Hostel residents are not allowed to change rooms and transfer any furniture from one room to another room without the prior permission of the hostel warden.

  • Any damage to hostel /institute property must be reported immediately to the hostel warden.

  • Residents will be charged for all damages due to negligence on their part.

  • Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks, drugs and any other intoxicating substances is strictly prohibited. Any resident found indulging in such practices shall be fined heavily and will be asked to vacate the hostel without any notice.

  • The hostels (including messes / canteens and Common Rooms) shall close during vacations for a period as specified by the management.

  • Acts of indiscipline, misbehavior, gambling or possession of weapons in the hostel premises including rooms shall be severely dealt with. A resident guilty of any of these violations shall be liable to expulsion or any other punishment deemed fit by the Institute.

  • Before leaving the hostel, every resident shall obtain clearance from the Warden and personally hand over the charge of the room and hostel property to the concerned authority.

  • Any form of ragging is strictly prohibited. Any violation may lead to expulsion or any other punishment deemed fit by the Institute.


  • All residents shall have meals in the hostel’s dining hall. They are not allowed to take food or mess utensils to their rooms.

  • Residents are not allowed to enter the kitchen.

  • Cooking in the hostel rooms is strictly prohibited.

Mess # 01

Mess # 02

Mess # 03

Attendance and Leave

  • It is obligatory on the part of the resident to be present in the hostel on all days except when they go home with the permission of the Warden.

  • Attendance of boys as well as girls in their respective hostels shall be taken every day at the time fixed by the respective wardens. Any resident not present at the time of attendance shall be liable to be marked absent for that day for which he / she should have prior permission or sufficient explanation.

Visitors and Guests

  • All visitors must make an entry in the visitor’s register at the security post and provide all details as requested by guard before entering the campus.

  • Normally no guests shall be allowed to stay with the resident in the hostel. However, under exceptional circumstances, a relative of the resident may be allowed to stay with the consent and permission of the warden in our deluxe A.C. guest rooms at reasonable rate. We also provide break fast,lunch and dinner to the visitors at reasonable rate. The Presence of all such guests shall be entered in the guest register. It will be the responsibility of the resident to ensure that the guest does not create any indiscipline.

Deluxe A.C. guest rooms # 01

Deluxe A.C. guest rooms # 02

Rent and Mess Charges

  • Hostel rent, including mess charges, is to be paid in two installments at the beginning of each semester.

  • Residents getting admission to hostel at any time during the month will be charged full fee for the month.

General Rules

  • The hostel will not be responsible for any loss/damage of private property such as cash/mobile phone/ scooter / motorcycle/car and other valuables.  The residents are advised to get their vehicles insured against loss, theft and fire.

  • Residents should be properly dressed while going to the common room, dining hall and hostel office. All rooms including almiras and belongings are open to inspection by the Director / Warden(s) at any time.

  • The telephone is meant for office use only. However, the residents may receive / make local calls during the timings fixed by the authorities from time to time.

  • See that no damage is done to hostel property.

  • Make every effort for peaceful co-existence.

  • Observe all hostel rules meticulously in letter and spirit.

  • Any violation of rules and regulations will be subject to strict disciplinary action and parents of the ward will be informed accordingly. Disciplinary action may take the form of any or all of the following penalties in accordance with the nature and seriousness of the offence:

  • Order / decisions notified from time to time by the Director / Warden will be binding on the residents.

Other Facilities-

  • Our hostel rooms are comfortably furnished and make for a good home away from home.
  • Girls and boys have separate blocks and each block has fixed capacity.
  • There is a range of accommodation option to choose from such as AC / Non AC for student's convinience. Non AC rooms are consist of 2 coolers.
  • In both kind of accommodation , students have to access to TV room,aqua guard for hot,cold and normal drinking water and other leisure /sports activities within the hostel premises.
  • We also includes the following facilities:-
      - 24x7 wi-fi connectivity provided.
      - 24x7 electricity and water supply.
      - Geysers are installed in all bathrooms
      - Caretakers and housekeeping services are provided during day and night.
      - 24x7 CCTV surveillance
      - Rooms with a study table, bed and mattresses with attached washroom.
      - Free Laundry and ironing facilities
  • The barber visits the hostellers once a week
  • Dining Hall

    We have specifically designed full furnished air conditioned dinning hall with close circuit cameras and music system.

  • The students enjoyed nutritious and healthy diet (veg/non-veg as per their choice) every day.
  • Fuctioning of mess is monitored by a group of staff from administration.
  • Carrying of mess articles/plates to the rooms or elsewhere is strictly prohibited.
  • Every hosteller is instilled with a concern for the food they eat,hence putting a check on the wastage of food. They are taught and encouraged not to waste food.
  • All meals will be served from mess counter only. Hence students have to go there with their plates and water bottle in a row to recieve food.